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5 Awesome Facts About Short-Term Rentals (must know)

May 25, 2022

5 Awesome Facts About Short-Term Rentals (must know)

Many Ghanaians are familiar with the term “short let,” since it is often used. What exactly is a short-term rental? Short-term rentals are furnished self-contained flats that are rented for short periods of time, which might vary from a week to a few months. These homes might range from studio flats to bungalows or duplexes.

Because it is popular in Ghana, most homeowners are eager to invest in this type of investment. This is a wise move given the numerous advantages they stand to earn. Here are a few reasons why short-term rentals will always be popular:

1. It is beneficial for flexible business travel

Due to the epidemic and the current state of the globe, travel is not as common as it once was. Ordinarily, when traveling, individuals want to feel at home. For example, when people travel for work, all they want is some space and certain home amenities to meet their needs. Truth is, everyone wants to feel at home, whether on a work or pleasure vacation. Allow them to have it while you earn more money.

2. More cash for owners and satisfaction for tenants

People travel on vacation for lengthy periods of time, leaving their properties unoccupied. These vacant apartments provide you the owner with no further benefits. Tenants would rather rent a property for a week or two and have all the comforts of home than spend money in a hotel room with few amenities. Renting out the building for a few weeks or months would provide an additional stream of income while adding absolutely nothing to it.

3. Homeowners and tenants can have complete peace of mind

The amount paid for rent is determined by factors such as the size, quality, and location of the property; however, the aim behind short-term rental apartments or short lets is to make the process as simple as possible while still providing homeowners with peace of mind they require. A cleaning service might be hired to prepare the property for the new renter. This is also true if it is a serviced flat. If not, the unit is cleaned again after the residents go.

4. Mutual benefits between the homeowner and the renter

Both the renter and the homeowner must be rational and reach an agreement. The owners are glad to know that their apartment is been watched over while they are away. True, your home is rented virtually precisely as is. It does not have to be ideal; if there are a lot of people, you may add sofa-beds.

5. It can be a less expensive alternative to hotel accommodations

Renting out spare rooms or an apartment to a traveler is a good choice for many people and sometimes, is a less expensive alternative to hotel accommodations. The amazing part is that you may enjoy hotel facilities in a home setting because some hotels provide short-term rentals. Paying significantly less than a hotel and getting the comforts of home is a no-brainer.

Short-term rental firms have worked hard to make the procedure as simple as possible, handling the entire booking and payment process with just a few clicks. You may even hire your own local real estate agent to help you uncover all the greatest sites that aren’t usually listed in the tour guides on the website.

So, whether you are working here in Ghana for a short period of time, visiting for pleasure, planning a city vacation, or migrating to a city in Ghana, ZeaHomes short rentals should be at the top of your choice for flexible living. Reach out to us and let us assist you in obtaining that apartment.

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